I am all for smoker's rights and having a place to be able to have a cig if you need one in most settings but there are some places where it just shouldn't happen. We know you aren't going to be lighting up on a plane or in a church and in most indoor settings. I tend to think the outdoors should have a place you can go but it may be away from where the masses are congregated. Yesterday I wanted to stuff some butts up a guy's butt.

It was the first night of t-ball practice for my grandsons and during the whole time of taking team pictures and during practice there was one 'parent' who must've have smoked 15 cigarettes during the one hour we were there. The team picture will have a cloud of smoke covering the team because of this moron. When you are standing around a group of 6-7 year old kids playing ball, I think you can take a little break from the cigarettes. I know you can go an hour without one. To see you puffing away and then flicking your butts all over the field was sickening. Be a responsible adult and a little considerate of the little lungs trying to run and play ball and not come home with Marlboro butts stuck in their cleats. I was quiet at this practice but if the same smokescreen appears again next practice I will personally escort you and your butts to your vehicle or behind some trees where you can puff away like a magic dragon. Play ball.

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