The worst time of the year for me is about to begin. Daylight Saving Time begins this coming weekend. Sunday morning at 2 am we 'spring forward' with our clocks and my life starts slipping into a 7 month hell until we move them back again in November.

I know most people love this time of year and getting more hours of daylight to play. We live in Colorado and we have so much to do outside so I understand the excitement. I am one who loves darkness and cooler weather so this is pure hell for me. I work strange hours. I am up at 215 each morning and try to get to bed by 7 pm each night. When it is fall or winter, I have no problems. It gets dark and I can go to bed. When we move the clocks forward, I never see the end of a day. I will not see a sunset for about half a year now. I never see a day end. I hate that.

I AM looking forward to seeing how I handle the heat of spring and summer with my new body and getting some time on my new motorcycle but I am not looking forward to the time change at all. I hope you enjoy it and have a great time out in the sunlight until 9 pm or so. I will be in my house with the shades pulled waiting for November.

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