David Nail released his second album, "The Sound of a Million Dreams",  in November of 2011.

Our own Brian Gary was mentioned in David's liner notes for the album!

David Nail 3

David Nail's new album "The Sound Of A Million Dreams" is his second release- the first was "I'm About To Come Alive"

The liner notes for the new album include lyrics, a couple of pictures, and some ringtone download codes ($1.99 each).  Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

Until you get to the "THANK YOUs"

He has THREE PAGES of "thank yous"!

And right there, in between thanking his bus driver and Southwest Airlines, David thanks Brian Gary!

Brian (who's our Music Director) AND our Program Director Mark Callaghan.

How cool is that!

Now, to be fair-- David does mention over 100 Country Radio Program Directors and Music Directors in this particular section of the notes... but not EVERY Country PD/MD in America- so BAM!

From Brian:

Mark and I both loved [Let It Rain] right away. I love his sound, soulful, heartfelt, real life painful lyrics. He bares it all on this one. We were early believers in the song and knew it would be a hit. [We were] thrilled when the rest of the country followed our lead.

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