A few years ago the beautiful tall tree in our front yard got sick and had to be cut down, it was a sad landscaping day. While my James was out of town I replaced it with what turned out to be basically a branch and we don't like it. What should we plant in the front yard?

D Dennison Front Yard
D Dennison Front Yard

It was such a tough decision when we had to finally give up on trying to save our old established tree. We had tried for two years, but the disease won and we had to have it taken out.

In my tree depression I agreed with the landscape guy to put this tree in, I don't even know what it is. I do know that it is definitely a slow grower as it has been probably three or four years since it was planted.

I want a tree that is more pleasing to the eye and doesn't look like Charlie Brown lives here (eternally). I was hoping for an evergreen, but am afraid it will take over the yard and hide the beautifully landscaped front. My Zachariah tiered the flagstone last year to resemble mountains, least that is what I asked for and told him I thought that it would look like. I have, sorry, he has planted a few select plants in the two sections. My mugo's died and need replaced, plus I need, sorry, he needs to plant some flowers to finish off the look as well as get a nice Moss rock, but you can get the idea of the theme I'm going for, right?

The tree right next to the house on the right, in between the house and the 'Christmas' tree in front of the white fence will be removed this season as it is mostly dead and on the other side of the driveway is a ginormous blue spruce. The evergreen in the background on the right is actually in our neighbors yard and we have this spring time flowering tree just right of the front entrance.

So... what do you think? I had an email earlier today with Stacy suggesting a Kentucky Coffeetree, however I worry about its irregular branch pattern. And another email from Lynn asking all kinds of questions, Lynn- I am a Virgo, I don't know. LOL Seriously though she says it all depends on growth patterns, colors, small or large, etc...  I realize that this makes sense and I hope that I have started the ball rolling with the picture of my front yard and my description of what I am trying to visually obtain.

Time to chime in... and thank you!

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