Laura Aquilina of Loveland, Colo., is owner of 2-year-old Brutus and has led the effort for “Better Paws for Brutus.”
John Eisele, CSU Photographer

Brutus is a 2-year-old Rottweiler. When Brutus was just a puppy, his breeder left him outside in freezing temperatures. The puppy suffered frostbite in all four paws, and the breeder performed an at-home amputation. After that, Brutus couldn’t walk without pain.

Now Brutus is living with a new owner in Loveland and has become the second dog ever known to receive four prosthetic limbs. He is learning to walk again with help from OrthoPets, an animal prosthetics developer in Denver, and pet orthopedics experts at Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Owner Laura Aquilina and a pet rescuer in Canon City teamed up to raise nearly $12,500 for Brutus’ prosthetics and physical therapy through Go Fund Me with “Better Paws for Brutus.

Since the collaboration began, CSU and OrthoPets have successfully developed techniques to treat Achilles tendon injuries in dogs and are investigating how specific injuries correlate with successful orthotic techniques and long-term prosthetic use.

With a complete set of prosthetic limbs, Brutus can walk without pain for the first time since undergoing botched paw amputations.
Colorado State University Photographer John Eisele

Watch Brutus walk with his new prosthetic limbs in this video from CSU:

Brutus broll from Colorado State University on Vimeo.

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