They're green in more ways than one and THIS particular way is just all sorts of awesome. According to a press release by Colorado State University, they've teamed up with Namaste Solar and Solaris Energy giving them a shot to double the amount of solar energy on the campus and closer to that impressive goal of being 100% driven by solar energy by 2030.

A lot of companies and organizations SAY they're doing something about "going green" and helping the environment but it's nice to see when they actually show up to the plate and make something happen especially since they're teaming up with Namaste Solar,  a local group from right here in Colorado

According to Carol Dollard, a CSU utility engineer, says current amount of kilowatt hours needed  is around 170 million to serve its campuses across the state, and the various current solar arrays generate about 10 million kWh. So other types of renewable energy, like wind, will likely be needed to reach the goal.

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