Bandits are targeting Windsor, but they're not here to rob you blind. They're actually hitting your house in the sweetest way, and call themselves the 'Crumbl Cookie Bandits.'

I'll be the first to admit that when I hear the word 'bandits', I think of bad things, like raccoons.

So when I first heard of the Crumbl Cookie Bandits, my first thought was definitely to wonder 'Are they stealing all of the cookies? We can't have that, not with the boredom munchies we're all facing'.

But the only thing these bandits are guilty of is stealing our hearts.

These bandits started leaving boxes of their favorite cookies on the doorsteps of homes in the Windshire community in Windsor, according to Fox31, hoping to spread a bit of joy and positivity in these troubled times.

As for the cookies they leave? Crumbl Cookies from Fort Collins.

Worried that their devious deeds might be pinned on the local bakery, the bandits reached out to Crumbl Cookies:

“We contacted the owners [of Crumbl Cookies] and said, ‘I’m so sorry if people are thinking this is you – we’re doing this just to bring joy to our neighborhood in this pandemic time.’ And the owners were like, ‘No, this is great! We want to help!'”

And owners turned out to be bakers of their word. Crumbl Cookies has been donating cookies to the bandits, as have the Windshire community in order to help the bandits with their mission to spread happiness among their neighbors and friends.

“People have posted this has changed their day and they had a really rough day. It changed their entire day.”

A Crubml Cookie Bandit

Source: Fox31

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