It's no secret that singer and military veteran Craig Morgan loves the outdoors, as he hosts his own Outdoor Channel program, 'Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors.' Morgan is further demonstrating his love of nature on a global scale by heading to Sweden to participate in the sixth annual Fjällräven Polar, a 200-mile dog sled excursion above the Arctic Circle. He will document the thrilling adventure on his show, so you'll be able to witness the, uh ... fun.

The event, hosted by Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven, will take place April 9-13. Morgan will be one of 20 people from 10 different countries who takes part in the excitement.

"Everyone would agree I have been a daredevil all my life. I love to travel to new places and will try just about anything, so when Fjällräven invited me to join them for the Polar, I said ‘yes’ without giving it a second thought," Morgan said about his decision to participate.

As part of the adventure, Morgan and his travelmates will move from the Norwegian shores of the Arctic Ocean (Signaldalen, Norway) to the mountaintops of Sweden (Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland), all the while pulled by huskies. He will learn how to drive and care for his own team of dogs, as well as how to pitch a tent and survive in the snow and sub-zero temperatures.

To prepare for the bitter chill, Morgan has begun growing a full beard to protect his face during the expedition. But it won't just be freezing, thawing out and working with the canines for five days. Morgan will get to experience the Northern Lights and visit the Sami people, the indigenous people of Sweden. So it will be a well-rounded, culturally informed expedition, as well.

The Fjällräven Polar excursion will be chronicled on the show's upcoming fourth season. Maybe Morgan can celebrate the end of the grueling yet thrilling expedition by shaving off that beard on camera.

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