Today is National Cheeseburger Day. I have often said if there was one food I could eat every single day, it would be a cheeseburger. There are few things that can bring me joy more consistently than a grilled patty covered in melted gooey cheese. I am drooling just thinking about it.

When Jimmy Buffett sang "Cheeseburger in Paradise", he was singing my national anthem. We all know of that ode to the deliciousness of a cheeseburger but are there more? I Googled "Lyrics containing cheeseburger" and it took me to this Lyrics website that shows only like 5 country songs with the word "cheeseburger" in them. What the? We need more songs about cheeseburgers. I included the 5 listed in the web-hit but also included a classic from Veggie Tales  that makes me giggle. You may have to listen very intently to hear the word "cheeseburger" in these but they are there. Happy National Cheeseburger Day! Eat up!

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