It may have been a dry time in history, but the Colorado brewing moguls were living large. Like, 11-bedrooms large. Now, the family's former home is listed via LIV Sotheby's International Realty, and you can tap into this piece of real estate, if you have $5 million.

According to 9NEWS, the home built for Coors' founder Adolf Coors in 1925 is a whopping 9,500-square-feet. It's in Grant, one hour away from the brewery in Golden, and was built on 16 acres of land as a stopover on the way to another family mountain retreat home, because like, why not?

The home was built by Taos Indian craftsman from New Mexico, and to this day it maintains the Southwestern design inside and out. In addition to the aforementioned 11 bedrooms, there are five bathrooms, wood burning stoves in each room, and you know what? Just look for yourself because it's pretty incredible.

(I'll just be over here reading about how I don't make enough money to pay my rent lol it's OK I'm fine, everything is fine.)

See even more photos via LIV Sotheby's here.

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