It's not some sort of dirty little secret that Colorado's real estate prices are high. To be honest, a lot of states are facing the same price increases that Colorado has had over the past few years.

In Fort Collins, the median home price has reached $600K and there is no sign of the market cooling off in Northern Colorado anytime soon.

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There are still some real estate deals to be had in Colorado if you aren't afraid to put in the work and be open to moving outside of the metro areas of the Front Range. The eastern plains of Colorado offer some good deals on housing and the cheapest home for sale in Colorado is in this area.

The town of Bristol, Colorado is located east of Lamar in the southeastern portion of our square state. The property located at 203 South Dugger is only a mere $10,000... A far cry from the median home price in Fort Collins of $600k.

The listing on Realtor states there are no designated rooms, so it has been listed as a studio. There's also another caveat. The home is non-livable. But there is hope. The selling price of this property could easily be turned into the home of your dreams with a little or a lot of elbow grease, and quite a bit of DIYing.

This is what a Colorado Home Selling For $10k Looks Like

This property is currently the cheapest property for sale in the state of Colorado.

For more information on the cheapest single-family home for sale in the state of Colorado, you can see the full listing on Realtor.

Source: Realtor

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