This Colorado zoo has been nominated for USA Today's 'Best Zoo' and 'Best Zoo Exhibit' in North America. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado has been nominated yet again.

Sitting 6,714 feet high on 146 acres in Colorado Springs is one of the best zoos in North America, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This Colorado zoo is home to giraffes, penguins, kangaroos, leopards, and more. Last year Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was voted as the #4 'Best Zoo' and the #2 'Best Zoo Exhibit' in North America.

This Colorado zoo has been nominated for USA Today's '10Best Readers' Choice Awards' yet again. According to USA Today, there are hundreds of zoos in North America, 200 Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited zoos.

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According to USA Today, the top zoos are:

...facilities that excel in the field of animal care and enrichment, while also facilitating meaningful interactions between animals and human visitors.

Tons of zoos have made the list of nominees from the Bronx Zoo in New York, to the Denver Zoo, to Smithsonian's National Zoo in D.C., to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Not only has this Colorado zoo been nominated for 'Best Zoo' in North America, but Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is also up for 'Best Zoo Exhibit too.

Last year, their 3-acre exhibit, Rocky Mountain Wild, was voted as the second-best zoo exhibit in American. Rocky Mountain Wild is home to an 11-month-old moose, Canada lynx, wolves, bears, otters, and more.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is going for number one this year and according to their Facebook, voting for USA Today's 10Best Readers' Choice Awards is now open until Monday, May 24.

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