Tom Hilbert has been the Head Coach of the CSU Volleyball team since 1997, and has put the team into the Top 25 year after year. Speaking of "Top," how about seeing the coach act as Tom Cruise in "Top Gun?"

With the sequel to "Top Gun" being a global phenomenon, it makes a lot of sense that Coach Hilbert and the team would want to get in on the action. It looks like they put a lot of work into the video, while having a lot of fun, too.

I think the only real notable difference in the two versions of the scene would be that Coach Hilbert keeps his shirt on, and Cam the Ram gets some sand time. I wish I could have been there to see them shoot this thing. It looks like a hoot. They had to have fallen over laughing when Coach Hilbert showed up in jeans and sunglasses.


  • 'I need to check my watch' 
YouTube/ J Norway,, Twitter: CSU Volleyball
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  • The "Top Gun' high-five, low-five
YouTube/ J Norway,, Twitter: CSU Volleyball
  • "That's game. I'm outta here."
YouTube/ J Norway,, Twitter: CSU Volleyball

All that's missing is some cheesy Kenny Loggins music in the background, and a motorcycle, right? It's great that Coach Hilbert can have such goofy fun with his squad.

CSU Volleyball has appeared in 31 NCAA tournaments, making them one of only 11 teams that have been to 30 or more. That is "Best of the Best," indeed.

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