When you think of haunted hotels in Colorado, it's typically places like The Stanley Hotel and Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs that come to mind.

However, there's another hotel in our great state that should be added to the ranks of those places, and that is the Hotel St. Nicholas in Cripple Creek.

Colorado's Haunted Hotel St. Nicholas

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Hotel St. Nicholas is located at 303 3rd Street in the historic gambling town of Cripple Creek, Colorado. Originally opened in the late 1800s, the hotel began as a hospital built to accommodate the large number of miners that flooded the area.

The hospital was operated by a group of nuns known as the Sisters of Mercy who treated the aforementioned miners, but also children and even newborns. Fittingly, it's also been said that these nuns, miners, and children still haunt the premises.

Some of the spirits that have been said to haunt the building, which reopened as a hotel in 1995, include a young boy by the name of Petey who allegedly has a playful demeanor and does things like move objects around when guests and staff are in the same room as him.

Another spirit that has been spotted regularly in the hotel is that of a miner that allegedly walks around the hotel office and climbs up and down the main stairwell.

While the hotel is a snapshot of the olden days in ways, there are a lot of things that have changed since it operated as a hospital. For example, the game room was once the nuns' quarters, and the allegedly haunted Room 7 was once where newborns were treated.

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