We are continuing to see a rise in unruly airplane passengers across the country and in Colorado. There have even been stories of people getting kicked off of planes at Denver International Airport. This seems to be a somewhat new trend.

We get it, traveling on an airplane can be a stressful and annoying process, but this problem is getting out of control.

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This year alone, three dozen passengers have been referred to the FBI because of their behavior.

Here is a story about how the passenger was in the right and an airline was completely in the wrong.

She Flew Out of Colorado Springs Airport

TikTok Screenshot: @_sara_price_
TikTok Screenshot: @_sara_price_

According to a viral TikTok post, a woman was flying back to California after adopting a new puppy in Colorado.

The puppy was whining, which is completely understandable. If you have ever adopted a pet you know that whining and crying is normal on the trip home.

The puppy was whining and an attendant reportedly told the passenger if she didn't make her dog quiet she wouldn't be able to fly.

The passenger unzipped the carrier and petted the dog to comfort it.

Then The Situation Escaladed

TikTok Screenshot: @_sara_price_
TikTok Screenshot: @_sara_price_

When the passenger comforted the dog, an attendant told her that she needed to have the carrier zipped and under the seat. The passenger followed the directions.

The dog let out a soft whine, and the attendants announced that the plane was returning to the runway and the passenger was removed from the flight.

Here is the full video. The passenger was very polite and we are puzzled why she was removed.

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