The National Weather Service just shared amazing satellite images of a snow-covered Colorado. When was the last time you saw the Centennial State almost completely covered in snow?

The two satellite images below were captured on Sunday, January 22, 2023, at 10:26 in the morning. With the exception of a few counties, the state is practically blanketed with awesome Colorado snow.

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Snow Covering Colorado

One Facebook post reads, "Colorado Springs, Canyon City, and Pueblo were robbed!" Look at the maps below, and you'll see that with the exception of portions of Mesa, Delta, Montrose, and El Paso Counties, most of the state of Colorado is under snow.

The legend for this first map is:

  • white = snow
  • brown = bare ground
National Weather Service Colorado Snow Map 1
US National Weather Service Pueblo Colorado

Another Perspective of Colorado

With the second satellite image, the colors indicate:

  • red = snow
  • green - bare
  • purple = clouds
National Weather Service Colorado Snow Map 2
US Natioanl Weather Service Pueblo Colorado

Question Regarding Lack Of Snow Around Pueblo

A question on Facebook asked why the Pueblo area received so little precipitation. The response from the US National Weather Service Pueblo Colorado read:

With this last storm, northwest downslope helped to diminish snowfall from Colorado Springs to Canon City to Pueblo and southwest of Pueblo.

The National Weather Service actually refers to this area as the "Pueblo Precipitation Doughnut Hole."

Snow Depth Across United States

The map below shows the overall snow depth for the contiguous United States for the date of January 23, 2023. Take a look at Colorado. Only a handful of states show as much coverage as Colorado, namely North Dakota, Iowa, and the New England states.

United States Snow Depth January 23 2023

Average Snowpack Temperatures Around The United States

These areas with considerable snow cover aren't exactly toasty. The National Weather Service offers a map showing 24-hour average temperatures from around the country.

United States Temperatures January 23 2023
National Weather Service

Colorado Snowpack As Of January 22, 2023

According to the Herald Times, Colorado's 2023 snowpack is at "above normal levels" in most basins.

United States Department of Agricultur Natural Resources Conservatin Service
United States Department of Agricultur Natural Resources Conservatin Service

Looking At The Week Ahead

The National Weather Service expects occasional light to moderate snow through mid-week in the high country.

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