Could this impact how schools address COVID?

As we get closer to the start of a new school year, there are still a lot of questions as to what this year will look like. Most questions surround the fall semester. I wouldn't be surprised if the home school numbers increase this fall, but there will be schools offering remote learning.

And this time, they'll be more prepared.

Many schools had to just do their best with education after everything shut down. However, I think in the fall there will be better systems in place and hopefully more resources available. That may come down to the quality of the school system itself.

Colorado looks pretty decent when it comes to the quality of the schools.

WalletHub recently compiled a list of 2020's States with the Best & Worst School Systems. Colorado came in at number 17 on the list. Of course, we would much rather see a top three finish like Massachusetts (1), Connecticut (2), and New Jersey (3), but we'll take a top 20 spot.

The criteria for WalletHub's rankings was based on performance, funding, safety, class size, and instructor credentials among others. Colorado's quality was equal with their overall ranking, but we struggled on the safety side of things. We pulled in a ranking of 27 in that area. Colorado did however, rank in the top five for "highest median ACT score" tying for fourth place with Illinois and New Jersey. Colorado was also number five for "highest reading test scores."

What are your thoughts on Colorado's school system? What changes would you make? Will you opinion change based on how your school handles COVID-19 in the fall?

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