Colorado Parks & Wildlife are offering cash incentives for each fish caught out of two Colorado Reservoirs.

CPW will pay you $20 for every Northern Pike reeled in at Green Mountain and Wolford Reservoirs.. That's right, you can get paid to fish.

The idea behind the incentive program is to reduce the numbers of illegally introduced northern pike.

Jon Ewert, CPW aquatic biologist said this in a press release:

Pike are a voracious predator fish. They can decimate the trout fishery and, if they escape through the outlet system, they can significantly impact the Gold Medal waters of the Blue and Colorado Rivers downstream.


For more information, contact:
CPW's Hot Sulphur Springs office at 970-725-6200
Heeney Marina at 970-724-9441
Wolford Campground and Marina at 970-724-1266

Source: CPW

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