A Colorado resident will represent the Centennial State in the upcoming National Mullet Championships. Can Colorado bring home the gold in the USA National Championships 2022 'Mane' Event?

After several rounds of regional and online competition, along with several rounds of voting, the event is down to its 25 finalists. Here's your chance to meet the rep from Colorado.

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Colorado Makes The Finals In The USA Mullet Championship

It should be said upfront this competition is not between states. These competitors come from every corner of the country, all sharing a love for partying and a defiant attitude towards authority.

Congratulations to Darius Nabors. Darius took first place at the regional competition held at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.

Stiff and Highly Styled Competition

Darius had to stand against 14 other mullets to win the division. Check out the video above and you'll see what Darius was up against.

What's In It For Darius If He Wins?

There's a tremendous amount on the line for the 25 finalists. In the end, there can be only one. What's in it for the winner, aside from the obvious glory of being the United State's mullet champion?

The first-place winner will strut away with the Mullet Mega Money Pot, a cash prize to the tune of $2,500.00. They can use that money to buy hair products, new rims, Luke Combs concert tickets, or whatever else their little heart desires.

Can Darius Win the National Title?

It's come down to this - 25 competitors sporting 25 unique mullets, each with their sights set on winning the gold. In the end, there will be one winner and two runners-up.

The winner will be determined during the final round of voting to be held at the competition's official website, MulletChamp.com. The date for the final round of voting has yet to be announced.

Can Colorado Reclaim Past Glory With National Kid's Mullet Competition?

The deadline to register for the 2022 National Kids Mullet Championships is coming up July 4, 2022. Keep in mind, it was just two years ago Colorado brought home the Bronze in this competition. Can we do it again?

If you're searching for inspiration, check out these qualifiers from the 2021 competition.

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Top 15 Finalists from the Open Division of the 2021 National Mullet Championships

Behold, the best of the best. These men represent the top fifteen in the nation based on your votes. The National Mullet Championships award the top 25 finalists. Our list runs from #1 to #15, with the competitor at #15 representing the great state of Colorado.

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