Over the years, Colorado has had many high-profile murders that have made headlines far beyond the state itself.

There was the incredibly tragic killing of young beauty pageant contestant Jon Benet Ramsay back in the 90s, the terrifying and ground-shaking school shooting at Columbine High School carried by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold back in 1999, the Aurora movie theater shooting by James Holmes, and countless others over the years.

However, before all of these high-profile crimes, numerous grisly murders took place in Colorado that never quite gained the attention that others have. Crimes of passion, feuds that went too far, and overall senseless killings have been a part of Colorado's history almost since its inception.

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It would seem that the history books, as well as the media, never quite highlighted some of these unspeakable crimes and they have thus been forgotten by many or never even brought to the public's attention.

Here are 12 Colorado murders you may have never heard of:

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