Sure, it's still pretty hot outside and we we have plenty of warm weather ahead of us but you know that changes are coming and the seasons will be shifting soon and when that happens, it's time to start thinking about what we enjoy doing when the temperatures cool and the snow starts flying.

Skiing is expensive, whether you're going solo or with your family and more so if you are bringing kids along but relief looks to be in sight this year in Colorado thanks to a bunch of resorts.

The Colorado Ski Country USA Passport actually has been around for quite some time as it started back in the 90's but it's been expanded to include more ages and grades for kids and this year, it will now include 3rd graders as well as grades 4 through 6.

Here's how it works, for $59, if you're a passport holder, you can enjoy up to 80 days (up to 4 days maximum) at each of the 20 different resorts that are participating in this program.

This is such a great thing that's going on because we as adults, who have been fortunate enough to be around winter sports for a while can introduce it to our children and allow them to have the same experiences and grow to love it all while not breaking the bank.

Especially when kids are just starting out, it's nice to have a financially sensible option when they may be just starting out to see if they'll actually like it and want to do it.

Thanks to this program that's now been extended to include third graders, this is a possibility.


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