What can we say, we've pretty much got our lives together.

Can we all just be real for a second? We all got issues. We all make mistakes. We all have vices and things that others may frown upon. Things like drinking alcohol, smoking, or gambling. These are also things that we could become addicted to if we don't engage with them responsibly.

They also happen to be things that cost money and that amount adds up over time.

In fact, WalletHub says that gambling alone costs the nation $5 billion a year. Heck, smoking costs us over $300 billion. And, like WalletHub always does, they decided to rank each state by their sinful nature with their list of "2020's Most Sinful States in America."

Their results are based on several key factors like excessive drinking, percentage of people with gambling disorders, and even violent crimes per capita. They examined 47 different areas that are considered sinful behavior. Rankings were then determined by a panel of experts.

With that criteria, Colorado came in at number 26.

While we're not the worst of the bunch, we also aren't the most angelic. Maybe this just means that we are incredibly level-headed, well-balanced individuals. As for the most sinful states Nevada was number one on the list followed by Texas, Florida, California, Georgia.

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