When you go hunting, you hope you'll run into a big buck. You also understand that seeing a mountain lion is a possibility. It's not common though to see both animals in a mortal battle which is what some Colorado hunters witnessed recently.

According to the video description, this encounter happened near Gunnison, Colorado a couple weeks ago. It's a huge buck with a mountain lion hanging onto it's neck for dear life. NOTE: some NSFW words from the hunters as they do the play-by-play on this.

Here's how these hunters described what they saw:

For our 3rd Annual ice fishing trip, we decided to go to Gunnison Co, Blue mesa reservoir this year. I said I had seen a mountain lion the 2 previous trips when I did not. It was a running joke. This time guys! I'm not joking, and it's in our backyard!!!

How ironic that they're on a fishing trip and they see an 8-point-buck. Wonder how many of them wish it was deer season? That's how the breaks go.

We don't get to see how this big buck and mountain lion battle ends, but you'd have to figure that the mountain lion would end up being the victor eventually although it looked like the huge buck was wearing the big cat out.

Now that virtually all of us (including hunters) are packing great camera phones, we're seeing more and more epic wildlife videos like this that didn't used to be as common.

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