Buying a home in Colorado has never been more expensive, but Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity (FCHFH) wants you to know they are here to help.

In 2020, they began their "Build the Change" campaign that is out to supply 48 affordable homes to local families. FCHFH Executive Director and CEO, Kristin Candella, informed "Tuned In to NoCo" that this campaign is more than just brick and mortar, it's about building a healthy community as well.

“Homeownership is so important because that’s how Americans traditionally build wealth. So, when people are thinking about paying for their kid's college or their retirement fund they are frequently taking wealth out of their homes. So, it’s so important that we keep those roots in our community of people who work here. Being able to live here actually enables them to engage in their community — when you have to drive further and further away you’re not part of our community anymore.”

In a press release, FCHFH said the average cost to buy a home is $600,000. That's 23% higher than a year ago and Candella says it's excluding people.

"It's astronomical to see how prices to buy in our community have gone up and that half a million to 600,000 dollar median price leaves out a lot of people for the opportunity of home ownership."

Right now, 19 homes have closed out of the 48 from FCHFH's campaign, and Candella says it's all thanks to you.

"It is a community-wide effort to be able to build Habitat for Humanity homes. So, we have our largest neighborhood we've ever built...called The Harmony Cottages that is 48 homes, and in order to build such a big neighborhood, we need everyone that we could invite in to donate, to lift a hammer, to get engaged and to build the change we want to see in our community."

Candella says this campaign is also about families and neighbors-helping-neighbors and they need you.

“We just can’t do it without you. It is expensive to buy a home here. It is expensive to build. You really do change lives permanently. You can change the entire trajectory of a family’s life by getting involved in Habitat in whatever way you can.”

Ent Credit Union has teamed up with FCHFH and will match $150,000 for all donations received now through May 31.

To donate, volunteer or apply for a home click here.

To listen to the full interview, check out the link below.

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