No matter the circumstances, a dog getting loose from a home or yard can be both stressful and scary for its owner — but imagine that happening, and then also discovering that your dog had been attacked by a mountain lion. Now that sounds like an owner's worst nightmare.

One woman in Evergreen unfortunately experienced this exact scenario, but luckily, another dog stepped in to save the day before it was too late.

In an interview with 9News, Lindsay Golden explained that her dog, Mijo, a Chiweenie, and a friend's dog, Winston, a dachshund, both escaped from home out of an open door last Saturday night.

The dogs were only about four feet from the home when a mountain lion pounced on 6-pound Mijo and had him in its jaws. Winston courageously began barking at the big cat, even charging towards it, despite being much smaller in size. This ultimately caused the mountain lion to drop Mijo and run away.

Sadly, however, Mijo was left badly injured, and had to be rushed to an emergency vet's office. The 15-year-old dog suffered lacerations to the scalp and neck and also had to have his right eye removed as a result of the attack. While at the vet's office, Mijo also experienced a bad seizure, which may require further neurological care.

Golden's family has set up a GoFundMe for Mijo's recovery. She is so grateful that Mijo is still alive, and that Winston acted so bravely in order to save his canine friend.

Golden and her family are urging other dog owners who live in areas of Colorado where mountain lions are prevalent, to stay vigilant. Another dog vs. mountain lion attack was recently reported in Morrison, and sadly, that dog did not survive.

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