It was time to live the dream. Two Coloradoans who had enough of the day-in-day-out routine decided it was time to sell everything they had to buy a boat and sail out the rest of their lives. It takes courage to make that move, but the joy in realizing that dream would have made it all worth it. Then, in a flash, it all disappeared.

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh had that dream and they were well on their way of realizing it when, after only two days on the water, it all sank. Tanner and Nikki sold everything they owned in Breckenridge last year to buy a 28-foot boat, do some work on it, then sail off from the coast of Florida. The only experience they had sailing the boat was shortly after its purchase.

On their second day, they were heading into a port near Florida in the dark when they struck a submerged object, ripping the keel from the bottom of the boat. It didn't take long for water to pour into the craft and tip it over in the channel. Tanner, Nikki, and their 2-year-old Pug named Remy all got off the boat unharmed but very scared. Sadly, everything they owned sank with the boat.

While Tanner and Nikki are currently unemployed and the boat was not insured, their dream remains intact. It will cost them about $10-thousand dollars to remove the boat from the channel and obvious additional costs for repairs. They say they have $90 to their names. They have set up a GoFundMe page looking for help to get their dream back above water.


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