No one expected the COVID-19 pandemic as we started 2020 but most of us have just been doing the best we can to deal with the circumstances. Lots of us have been watching movies and television when trying to pass the time while social distancing. But one couple in Colorado decided to use their quarantine time to help give back.

The story was first published by Good News Network about Giselle Williams who inherited her great-great-grandmother's sewing machine as a family heirloom but had never used it before. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Giselle had to close her hairstyling business in Arvada, but she wanted to put her free time to good use.

Giselle having zero sewing experience decided that she wanted to help sew masks for churches, restaurants, and businesses across Colorado. So she brought her 1922 Singer Model 66 "Red Eye" which is powered by a foot pedal out of retirement. After watching numerous YouTube videos and help from her husband to clean up the sewing machine she was off creating as many masks as possible.

Since Giselle got started she has had numerous donations of fabric from friends, family, and neighbors and have now created more than 450 masks for people in need. The masks are also for sale at a market in Aurora, Colorado.

It's just amazing to see how many kind and generous people live in the great state of Colorado. And you know that Giselle's family is so proud to see that their family heirloom is now being used to help so many people during this difficult time.

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