Imagine the excitement that I had when I saw this news... My mouth immediately got that spicy green chile feeling and happiness overwhelmed my life. Ok, that might be a bit excessive, but to tell you the truth, I totally want one of these on my ride!

Credit: Pueblo.Org
Credit: Pueblo.Org

There has been a long standing rivalry between New Mexico and Colorado on who has the best chiles in all of the land. I am not picky when it comes to fresh roasted green chiles, but I'll always support my home state.

Soon, your love of chiles might be able to be seen on your car in the form of a license plate. House Bill 17-1012 has cleared the House and is now heading to the Senate. If approved, your Pueblo chile plates will have the same charge as your regular DMV fees, plus an additional two one time fees of $25.


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