It's no secret that posh Northern Coloradans like you and me enjoy crisp craft ales at some of the finest breweries in the country...but, it looks like we can get our grocery store beer on, too.

Updated Colorado excise tax data shows that our state's beer market has grown since the introduction of full-strength beer in grocery stores.

According to Bart Watson, Chief Economist of the Brewers Association, beer sales by volume increased by 4.5% through November of 2019.

The two previous years only rose by 1.6% and 1.3%.

Watson said that this growth is "roughly equivalent to 1 out of 120 households buying an additional six pack every week."

However, as one Twitter user pointed out, the data isn't broken down into craft vs. non-craft sales.

We don't know if people are bypassing liquor stores to get their favorite craft selections at King Soopers, or if they're just picking up some extra Coors Light during their grocery trip.

Beers' appearance in grocery stores has had a negative effect on spirits and wine, though.

Watson reports that spirit sales by volume, which were up by around 5% the last two years, were down 2.5% in 2019.

Wine sales, which were up by around 2.5% the last two years, were down 4.8%.

I'll say that I've definitely picked up beer if I was already at the grocery store, but I usually go to the liquor store if I don't have a grocery trip planned.

Have you been taking advantage of the beer in grocery stores? Let us know in the comments.

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