The playful nature of baby animals is adorable. These black bear cubs near Castle Rock, Colorado proved that by playing with a backyard swing.

This trio is also a great reminder that the Black Bear is a species, not a color. These cubs are indeed a display of the three colors of the black bear found in Colorado, blonde, cinnamon, and brown.

Just a few weeks ago we watched with much amusement as a Colorado mountain lion played with a swing. Well, these little cubs found a tire swing they thought was pretty cool.

If you see a bear in Colorado, it's almost certainly a black bear. There have been rumors from time to time about sightings of grizzlies in Colorado. According to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the last confirmed encounter of a grizzly bear was in 1979 in Moffat County, which threw people off because technically "Grizzly bears had been considered extirpated, or locally extinct, in Colorado since 1951." But since that encounter, nothing has been confirmed. 

Back to the cuddly black bears that we see playing with that tire swing. Did you know a black bear's nose is 100 times more sensitive than a human nose? CPW says this means they can smell food 5 miles away.

These little guys only have a few more weeks to eat all the grasses, berries, and nuts that make up most of their diet. For most bears, hibernation comes in early November.

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