You've undoubtedly heard of several Colorado hauntings, but have you ever heard of one where the spirits actually physically assault people? This was reported at a house near Colorado's Barr Lake.

In this case, the ghost throws punches. Even worse, they're sucker punches.

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The Haunting of Barr Lake, Colorado

The website Legends of America shared a story about "Haunted Barr Lake, Colorado." The author, Cecilia, tells of a haunting at her home near Barr Lake back in 2005. According to Cecilia, she ignored talk from neighbors describing items mysteriously moving around and feelings of a "presence" in their homes.

'Attack' Happened After They Moved Out

Cecilia reports she and her family had already moved out of the home at Barr Lake before the encounter. She returned to the house for some last-minute cleaning before the move-out was finalized.

She Was Alone In The House

While alone in the house, Cecilia says she heard some strange noises the house typically made. She adds, though, her cat was acting strangely. It was while mopping a bathroom that the nightmare began.

Cecilia says, " As I was leaning into the bathroom from the hallway, something or someone hit me – hard, on the back. It felt as though a fist had slammed into my back! When I spun around, nothing was there." At the same time, the aforementioned cat was " the end of the hallway, hair standing on end, and hissing."

More Than One Spirit In The House

It is Cecilia's opinion the house is haunted by three spirits, a woman in her 20s, a young girl, and an older man. She believes it was the older man who sucker-punched her. Cecilia says her back remained warm and red where she was punched, but the area was not left bruised.

Where Is Barr Lake?

You'll find Barr Lake just 20 minutes northeast of Denver. Visitors enjoy boating, fishing, a nature trail, and a Nature Center. The area is surrounded by housing, much of it in the $500,000 to $1M range.

Have There Been Other Hauntings Reported In The Area?

No. Not a one. After a hefty search, no reports of other hauntings have been found in that area.

Is It Normal For Ghosts To Hit People?

According to The Lineup, poltergeists have a habit of being noisy, throwing things, and on some occasions going so far as to rearrange the furniture. The Lineup adds, "...accounts of poltergeists throughout the ages include some of the only instances of ghosts pinching, striking, tripping, and even biting the living."

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