In Denver, an entire class of 4th grade students at Carson Elementary School are launching a campaign to get people to stop cussing.  And yes, they expect that to backfire when it comes to people who don’t understand where they’re coming from, which is they just want to be able to go a public event without hearing swear words.  In the 9 News story, the kids mention that the free-floating swear words:

"...Don't make you feel good."

"We don't enjoy being around them."

"They make you feel disappointed in strangers, honestly."

"We don't want to grow up with bad words buzzing around in our heads."

"It's bad for our minds to develop around cursing."

"People might not see it now, but we all think it (enforcing some rules against cursing in public) will make a better world."

The plan is to send out letters to major companies and other people across Colorado, then take the move national.  Ya know, in a world of darkness, is sure is nice to know that at least the children can agree on some solutions!

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