We are about to start my least favorite time of year. This weekend Daylight Saving Time begins. We will 'spring forward' with our clocks early Sunday morning. I despise this time of the year with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. I am a morning man so I need to go to be early and when we set our clocks forward an hour, I never get to see the end of a day.

I try to go to bed by 8 each night, which isn't a problem in the fall or winter because it gets dark between 5 and 7 during that time of year. We are now entering the time when it is light until 8-10 o'clock at night which makes it really tough for a creature who enjoys a little darkness. I don't understand the whole Daylight Saving Time thing. I don't think it really does us any good but I have a feeling I am in the minority. I would love to see Daylight Saving Time abolished. How do you feel? Please vote here and be heard.

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