The City of Fort Collins has started the process to disband a temporary homeless "tent city" in Old Town.

The Coloradoan is reporting that The City of Fort Collins posted a sign at the entrance of Heritage Park that stated tents must be removed by 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Heritage Park is located right next to the Northside Aztlan Community Center, which was turned into a emergency homeless shelter after COVID-19 forced its closure for recreational use.

However, shortly after the closure, the community center parking lot was filled by overflow from the center, and multiple tents, RV's and other shelters appeared in the park next to the center.

I was out on a (safe and socially-distanced) run a few days ago and ran by the park, where I could see some of the difficulties of both those taking shelter in the park and those living around it.
The City of Fort Collins Parks Department will assess the need for restoration of the park once everyone is out of it later this week, and in the meantime, the community center will continue acting as an emergency shelter, with space on the second floor reserved for those who are most at-risk during the pandemic.

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