One of my favorite things when it comes to food is sushi. I love it so much. I have been to a couple of sushi buffets in my lifetime and all have been pretty decent. Usually, sushi buffets have your basic run-of-the-mill rolls and a couple of specialty rolls. At least the ones I have been to in Colorado.

Chubby Cattle Denver Facebook
Chubby Cattle Denver Facebook

More often than not, I would prefer to go for something other than a buffet when it comes to sushi. I can pick and choose what I want, and there is also the option of ordering one or two of the expensive exotic rolls.

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What if I told you that there is a spot in Denver that not only has great-looking sushi but also offers Wagyu beef at a buffet? If you're anything like me, you would be all about it. There is a place in Denver that does exactly that and more. Not only does this place offer sushi and Wagyu beef, they also have hotpots, salad, and sides too.

Chubby Cattle Denver

Chubby Cattle in Denver has been all over social media outlets like TikTok and Instagram lately and I can see why. The food looks amazing. From the conveyor belt sushi to the Wagyu beef, it's all you can eat.

There is one catch, however. You have a strict time limit at Chubby Cattle Denver. When you are seated at Chubby Cattle Denver, you have 90 minutes to eat. Don't leave any leftovers on your plate either as if you do, you will be charged 20 percent of your total bill and there are no to-go boxes.


Chubby Cattle is located at 2 North Broadway in Denver and prices range from $9.99 per person for lunch to $48.99 per person for Wagyu Beef BBQ Buffet. Find out more at

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