Chris Janson is all about the "Good Vibes" lately.

The country star has always radiated a certain electricity; a vibe that stretches beyond the jolt he gets from caffeine-infused pumpkin spice lattes or a can of Mountain Dew. It’s an aura earning him the title of the “Good Vibes” guy among new fans catching his latest No. 1 single of the same name.

However, as Janson noted at a recent media roundtable in Nashville, he isn’t always the chipper, fun character that fans see owning the stage. He is human, after all, and the singer half-chuckled when he said, “I can be a cranky butt, too.”

But the “Good Vibes” song is digging deeper into the persona that Janson already portrays, and he wants the song to be even more of a truth in his daily life.

"We didn’t even write this to be a timely issue kind of song,” Janson says. “The truth of the matter is, you have to set your own tone in the morning, so I was just setting my tone for the day and the tone that I was setting naturally was not the tone that I wanted to walk.”

So in the songwriting session, Janson said "Good Vibes" to put himself in a better place mentally, and a No. 1 song was born.

“I’m generally not the guy who wakes up going, 'Good vibes only today,'" the singer-songwriter explains. "I’m not that guy, but I am now … It’s changed my life — it really has — and it’s not just changed it career-wise, it’s changed it personally.”

Janson is currently on tour, spreading the good vibes from now through August. His final tour stop is currently listed at the North Idaho State Fair on Aug. 26.

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