Since Chris Janson released his new single "Bye Mom," fans have been sharing their own personal stories of loss with the singer — and he welcomes it.

Janson co-wrote "Bye Mom" with Brandon Kinney, whose mother died in 2020. Both writing the song and filming its music video were emotional experiences for the pair, and Janson says he's noticed the song is striking a chord with fans as well. He's receiving an outpouring of stories — some about loss and some about living.

"You can't even imagine the stories that have come in," Janson tells Taste of Country Nights. However, when asked if he gets overwhelmed by the heavy stories that fans are sharing with him, he says, "The answer would be no;" in fact, hearing those stories is not only something he doesn't mind, but something that he feels called to do.

“I almost feel a duty, honestly,” Janson says. "I came home the other night after having a moment with some friends, and I told [my wife] Kelly, I said, ‘I think God has a greater purpose in my life.'

"Really, I really really feel that. I think music will be something that I always do, and it’s what I do for a living, but I have a greater calling in this life," Janson adds. "And I don’t know exactly what that is — I don't know how to pinpoint that — but I do feel like I was put on this earth for a greater purpose, and part of that purpose was to give and to help people and to hopefully be a shining light in moments of darkness for people.”

Janson emphasizes his belief that, when putting out such an emotionally heavy song, accepting those stories is simply a part of the process.

“With "Bye Mom" being the single, being a very emotional song," he says, "how could you turn someone away?”

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