When was the last time you sent a check in the mail in Colorado? I send at least one check per month. I send out one check every month for a bill.

Typically, I prefer auto-pay and other paperless methods, but the bill I send by check is way more convenient than my other payment options.

Are Checks Common in Colorado?

After work, I take a stroll to the post office on Main Street in Windsor to drop off my monthly check and I enjoy it. It is truly the reason why I have a checkbook.

Back in the day, I paid for the majority of my bills by check. I used to have a specific day when I would sit down at the kitchen counter and write checks for rent, utilities, internet, and other monthly costs.

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Should you still write and mail checks? It could cost you more than the check is worth.

Letter Theft in Colorado


This may surprise you, but letter theft was a major problem in 2023. Reportedly, thieves are going through mailboxes and looking for checks and cash to steal.

They are not just stealing from typical mailboxes. They are stealing from nearly every mailbox imaginable.

You Signed the Check: Are You Safe?


Unfortunately, no. Scammers have multiple ways to use your check even though you filled it out.

The United States Postal Service claims that check washing is a major problem in all 50 states. Scammers have created a chemical to wash checks stolen directly from mailboxes. Then they make fake checks with your information and cash them through a money order.

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