With the fear of the coronavirus probably being the most prevalent at nursing homes, these two critters didn't seem to exhibit any fear whatsoever.

The official NBC Montana Facebook shared an adorable video of the pair of black bear cubs opening up the doors to a nursing home earlier this morning (April 19th, 2021). Along with the video they shared a caption that read:

ICYMI: A group of young black bears made a special stop at an Asheville nursing home, even letting themselves in through the front door!

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The workers at the nursing home, which is located in North Carolina did not appear to be rattled at all. No one seemed to have even a twinge of fear in their voices. Maybe it was because they appear to be behind some sort of safety glass, but one woman can even be heard saying:

Well come on in!

There didn't appear to be any destruction and no one was harmed, bear or human. I guess all is well that ends well.

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