Johnson County native, Ryan Charles is back with his unique brand of Wyoming-flavored, country-twanged, Hip-Hop.

For his latest offering, Charles is telling a story of young lady that has dreams of becoming a star, but she just can't seem to escape the cowboy lifestyle. The name of the new song is "Old Dirt Fancy" and it has a very catchy hook. It's reminiscent of Young Thug or Travis Scott, but with just enough of that good ole country feel to make it 100% Wyoming approved.

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When it comes to dropping original and super high quality music videos, Ryan is unmatched. "Old Dirt Fancy" and his previous offering, "Gettin Western", were both filmed and directed by Michael Graef, who does great work. You can just see these music videos on CMT or MTV just as they are.

"Old Dirt Fancy" is definitely a lot more radio friendly than some of Ryan's other tracks (which takes nothing away from them). After just one listen, I was running around my house singing the hook, pretty much all day. That's a sure fire sign you have a hit on your hands.

Here's to hoping you get more of Ryan Charles' music in your daily life.

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