One of my favorite people in our business is Charlie Worsham. Charlie is one of the most kind and talented people I have met in all my years in radio. Charlie came in the studio and played live for the 28 Hours of Hope a year ago and we became good friends and keep in touch. Charlie has acted on the show "Bones", has a killer debut album with 2 top 40 hits and does amazing remakes. Check out Youtube Charlie Worsham Cover Challenge and you will hear him cover everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Katy Perry to Bruno Mars. You will be blown away by his talent.

Charlie is coming to Greeley this summer to open for Jake Owen at the Greeley Stampede. Do not miss this show. Jake is always fantastic and you will become a Charlie Worsham fan too. We had the chance to talk to our buddy Charlie this morning about coming to our show. He was traveling through Idaho so we cut out for just a second.

Here is Charlies' latest hit "Want Me To"

Hear what he does to Katy Perry and her smash "Roar"

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