George Diaz is a man I have never met in my life but as a former Army Ranger, he goes big with everything he does, including this video for my upcoming 10,000 mile ride.

George Diaz is a former Army Ranger with four deployments (2nd Ranger Battalion and Bravo Troop 38th-LRS) who I have never met. In fact, I never knew who he was until two weeks ago when a dear friend of mine, Erik Klinger who is currently an active Army Ranger out of Fort Bragg, asked him to design the official ride shirt for my Honor Flight Northern Colorado Endurance Ride coming up in June.

George owns Sua Sponte Design out of Visalia, California and has gone above and beyond to help our veterans here in Colorado and has obviously done his homework. Everything you are about to see in the video below he researched himself and has probably read everything I have ever written on this fundraiser.

So out of the blue, George sends me this video that he did to help promote the ride and hitting the goal of raising $50,000 for our Colorado veterans. It's quite obvious that he is VERY passionate about this ride. You will either love this video as I do or you won't, especially if you have a clown phobia. It's obviously not me in the video but George who is playing me in the video.

Doesn't matter if you like it or not, the point here is that the man lives in California and is passionate about veterans and Honor Flight. We hope this "shocks" you into sponsoring some miles today and if you love this video as much as we do, feel free to share.

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