Hard to believe the time is almost here. The planning is over but we still need you to sponsor some miles to support of Honor Flight Northern Colorado.

The fact that many of you have stepped up to raise $50,000 is incredible. However, just because we hit the goal of $50,000 doesn't mean we just stop. We could hit $60,000 but can't unless those of you who have been telling me for months you are going to sponsor miles...actually do.

I would like to think you are going to honor your promise because my 10,000 mile endurance ride leaves a week from today so your time has pretty much run out to hold good on your word. It's only a $1 per mile and you can sponsor as many or as few as you want; just step up and sponsor some miles for our veterans. The cost is a $1000 to send one of our veterans to Washington D.C. to go see the memorials and monuments that were built to honor them.

Break out your checkbook and sponsor some miles today. I have done all the hard work and the hardest part starts on June 4 when I leave to honor my commitment. You get the easy part and when you sponsor miles, YOU are actually being a direct part of Honor Flight by helping to pay the expenses that have to be met. There isn't a magic cash fairy that pays those bills, they get paid by people like you and I who donate.

To sponsor miles, this is all you have to do:

  • Send me an email: cb@k99.com
  • Tell me how many miles you want to sponsor at $1 per mile
  • Tell me where you live
  • If you are sponsoring miles in honor of or in memory of someone, tell me about them. What branch did they serve with. Where did the serve. What was their rank, etc. Any details you want to share.

Once I see your email, and how many miles you want sponsor, I will reply to your email with details on who to write the check to and where to send it.

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