Charley Barnes is at it again. He is once again going to attempt the nearly impossible and ride 10,000 miles in 10 days to raise money for Honor Flight Northern Colorado to send our veterans to see the memorials built for them while they are still with us. We are proud to support Charley in anything he does. You need to show your support too. Click here to help.

He has come so close in past years and have also had times when there was just no luck going his way at all. The one thing that has never wavered has been the love he has for his country and respect for our vets. He is willing to sacrifice his mind, body and bike for this cause. I am honored to call him a friend. We all need a little of the pride and compassion he has. Be inspired.

Please donate to the cause by sponsoring miles for the trip at a dollar a mile. If you can do ten, do ten. If you can do a thousand, do a thousand. Every mile sponsored will make a difference. Our vets deserve it and Charley has earned the support. Ride safe brother.



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