Village Beauty by Gregory Mutasa
photo courtesy of McWhinney

 Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra is one of the hidden gems in Northern Colorado! Eight new stone sculptures have been added to the park. The sculptures replace eight of the original pieces installed at the time of the Chapungu's opening.

The sculptures, listed below, are all from Zimbabwean artists of the Shona tribe and feature an eclectic mix of subjects that include marriage, appreciation of nature, and the competitive nature of children:

• “Village Beauty” by Gregory Mutasa

• “The Generations” by Joe Mutasa

• “Love in the Wind” by Euwitt Nyanhongo

• “Moses – Man of Heart” by Bernard Takawira

• “Swallow Landing” by Henry Munyaradzi

• “Who is Strongest?” by Dominic Benhura

• “Man and His Eagle” by John Takawira

• “Chapungu” by Dominic Benhura

The complete collection of 82 hand-carved stone sculptures can be found throughout the 26-acre park located in Centerra east of I-25 and Highway 34 directly behind Macy’s. Thank you to the kind folks at McWhinney for the use of all of the photos.

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