The fact that cowboys and beer go together so well is really easy to explain... have you ever looked a bull in the face? But why 8 seconds, why not 10 or 5?As we get set for the Carl's Jr. Championship Bull riding event at the Budweiser Event Center next weekend let's take a look into the shoot and see what's going on.


If you're an 8 year old boy this whole bull riding thing looks pretty cool... if you're an 18 year old young man this bull riding thing looks pretty cool, for the 28 year old you're hanging on and digging in... if your a 48 year old man, you know your limits, but bull riding still looks pretty cool.Now if you're a girl, young lady or woman... this whole bull riding thing seems crazy, but hey, it's pretty cool!

Bull riding has been quite an event for all time. Families gather... friends meet up and cowboys pace. Not much has changed in all these years, especially here in northern Colorado. Coming to the Budweiser Event Center May 12, 2012 is the Carl's Jr. Championship Bull Riding Event and what a wild ride this will be.

The CBR is the real cowboy event, created in Texas 10 years ago. If you've ever wondered where all the good cowboys have gone, you'll find them at the CBR. After all it was created by Terry Williams and businessman Joel Logan and its president is Tuff Hedeman (they don't get much more cowboy than Tuff).

bull riding rules:

  • 8 seconds, why 8 seconds: The answer makes so much more sense than one would think, but then again, it makes you think how they came up that in the first place, did they work the bulls hard enough to find their breaking point? (probably, but for the overall health of all-I will accept that) So the answer, sorry for the rant, 8 seconds is the length of a qualified ride and was devised purely for the safety and well-being of the animals. After 8 seconds the bull or horse losses adrenaline and along with fatigue their bucking ability decreases.
  • For 8 seconds you can't touch any part of your body or the bulls body as far as that goes
  • You can't have your spurs in the ropes when you leave the chute (I'd likely have my arms and legs wrapped around the chute... lol)
  • Scoring: from what I understand the bull get's half of the points and the cowboy the other half. Points up for grabs are 0-100 and there are typically 2 judges. Judges look for control and rhythm of the rider with the bull (oh, so they're essentially dancing?!) The bull is judge basically on his agility and raw strength.
  • Have I mentioned that it is the most dangerous sport? And many say "it's not if you get hit it's when"? -just checking
  • If the bull performs poorly a rider can be offered another chance to ride before being scored.
  • Scores in the 70's are average, 80's are dang good and 90's... well that's a real cowboy!!! (this is part fact and part my opinion, please take it with a grain of salt)

See all of the live action yourself coming up next weekend at the Budweiser Event Center, tickets start at $15.00 click here to learn more.

And for a little fun... please enjoy this from Chris LeDoux.