What's better than one great Carrie Underwood song? All of her best releases rolled in one fast-paced mashup, of course!

DJ Earworm is a YouTube mixing king, and not only did he combine all of Underwood's tracks, but he blended the videos, too! You'll find more than 15 of her songs here, but they flow together so well, you'd think it was just one long hit! DJ Earworm includes early Underwood hits all the way up to new ones, like "Something in the Water."

"Cowboy Cassanova" kicks it off, as Underwood is shown singing in a dressing room surrounded by dancers ... before it cuts to her singing "Two Black Cadillacs" in a Cadillac — it's like the two tracks were meant to be married!

Then, the video cuts to "Good Girl" and "Something in the Water" — two songs you wouldn't imagine having anything in common. But the beats sync up nicely, and the lyrics work their way together, too. You'll also find a blend of "Little Toy Guns" and "Before He Cheats," and since the music videos are how it's all pieced together, we also get to see the evolution of this prolific singer, from her early days to her now. Spoiler alert: she's been flawless since Day 1.

Watch the mashup of Underwood's "Something in the Water," "Little Toy Guns" "Blown Away," "Before He Cheats," "See You Again," "Wasted," "All-American Girl," "Undo It" and more above.

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