For the better part of year -- since well before Carly Pearce officially announced her self-titled sophomore album -- the singer and her now-husband, fellow artist Michael Ray, have been teasing a duet.

"It's really about the first stages of the relationship and the connection of, you know, whenever you're starting to feel that it just starts to blend," Ray told The Boot in June of 2019, adding that the song "definitely paints the picture perfect of how we were in the beginning."

Pearce and Ray recorded the song relatively early on in their relationship, long before they were married or even engaged. Late in 2019, they revealed that the song is called "Finish Your Sentences," and that it was co-written by, among others, Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini.

Ahead of the song's release, Pearce reflected to The Boot and other outlets that "Finish Your Sentences" was an opportunity to honor her relationship and the personal connection she and Ray share, as well as their mutual love of music. However, she added, it's important to both artists to maintain separate careers, too.

"I think when you're both artists, you're almost fans of each other," she notes. "And I think, for us, when we look at [a country couple like] Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, we think, 'You know Tim without Faith, and you know Faith without Tim, but when Tim and Faith come together, it's awesome.'

"There's moments, and they're big, and that's great," Pearce continues. "I think that's hopefully how we're gonna do things. I want him to be Michael Ray, and I want to be Carly Pearce, but when we come together, I want it to be a moment. So it's just about knowing when to create those moments."

For now, those moments work best as duets such as "Finish Your Sentences." In the future, though? The couple might well embark on something like McGraw and Hill's joint Soul2Soul Tour.

"Oh my God, yes," Pearce adds with a laugh. "When we have babies, he's gonna help! So when we decide to have babies, we'll go on the Heart2Heart Tour, instead of the Soul2Soul Tour."

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