Only in Colorado would you hear something like this… Cannabis infused beer.  Now, the “cannabeer” as it has been dubbed has been around for about a year, it now could be hitting liquor stores around the country.


As we all know, there is an abundance of breweries here in our state of Colorado. One brewery in Aurora is doing things a little different by brewing cannabis infused brews. That brewery is names Dad and Dudes Breweria. In an article in the Coloradoan, Mason Hembreee, who is the Dude of the brewery said “They’re coming from around the world wanting to try cannabis-infused beer”.

I decided to take a peek at their website and it looks like Dad and Dude brew some pretty good looking brews. From their Toffee Porter to their Pineapple Express Honey Blonde and a special wood or barrel aged releases on Wednesdays. I want to go down to the brewery and drink some of their brews for sure… I might even have to try a glass of the Sativa 420% Legal IPA which is their cannabis infused beer.


I’m sure everyone wants to know… Will the beer get you high? You won’t according to a customer named Zach Kennie as he said “Not high and drunk. Maybe just drunk” with a laugh.


Source: Coloradoan



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