Many don't know but Fort Collins is located where it is because of an 1864 Cache La Poudre flood that wiped out "Camp Collins" which was located near La Porte. The town of Fort Collins was then built on what is now known as the Old Town Fort Collins. So, is this another 100 year flood?

The flood in 1864 was not the last.  A flood in 1891 happened when the dam at Chambers Lake broke and then in 1904 they had the "100 year flood" that wiped out half the town and then the flood in 1999 which was meager compared to the past and the flooding now. In fact, they 100 year flood is overdue, perhaps this is it?

The city of Fort Collins said on their website,

Approximately 3,160 acres of floodplain between Taft Hill Road and I-25 would be inundated by a 100-year flood, damaging approximately 188 structures. Estimates indicate that damages to property, utilities and infrastructure caused by the 100-year flood would total $9.5 million, with expected additional damages due to significant erosion.

As much flooding as we are already seeing along the Cache La Poudre in both Larimer and Weld counties, it will only get worse with more rain in the forecast. The river is expected to completely over-run it's banks this evening and continue flooding through Greeley.  Evacuations may be enacted and if so, please follow and obey all notices and orders.

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